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The American Institute of Bail Bonding and Bail Enforcement, working in conjunction with the Police Officers Standard and Training Board, has put together an easy to read but thorough study curriculum for all students looking to enter into the Bounty Hunter Industry.

Section one titled “Introduction to Bail Recovery/ Enforcement also known as Bounty Hunting”.

In this section the students are introduced to what a Bounty Hunter is and how a Bounty Hunter works within the court system and how a Bounty Hunter is paid for his services.

Section two titled “Principles of Criminal Culpability”.

This section will explain to the students what criminal liabilities a Bounty Hunter may face while acting in the capacity a Bounty Hunter so that a Bail Enforcement Agent(Bounty Hunter) can work within the Law while pursuing a wanted fugitive.

Section three is titled “Use of Force, Escalation and De-Escalation of Force”.

In this section the students will learn Law Enforcement tactic’s for when and where force can be used, the amount of force that can be applied including use of deadly force against another person. This section is probably the most important section of study for any Bounty Hunter who plans on carrying a firearm for protection.

Section four is titled “Criminal Codes”.

In this section the student will learn and understand criminal statutes as they relate to criminal charges that a Bounty Hunter must know and understand so that the Bounty Hunter himself/herself does not go to jail.

Section five is titled “Firearms and Weapons”.

In this section the student will study the laws as they relate to what weapons are legal and/or illegal to use and/or carry while acting in the capacity of a Bounty Hunter. Even though these laws may change from town to town or state to state, the student will have the knowledge of where to go to find out the law in any area where they may be pursuing a fugitive.

Section six is titled “Seizure and Entry”.

In this section the student will learn when, where, and who they may detain or arrest and where and when they may enter a residence, building or any other structure to locate and arrest a fleeing fugitive.

This section is based on the concept of (Probable Cause) and the totality of circumstances as established in the Supreme Court decision known as Taylor V. Taintor.

Section seven is titled “Prisoner Transport and Jail Relations”.

In this section the student will learn the proper procedures for transporting prisoners and proper procedures for dealing with jail personal.

The American Institute of Bail Bonding and Bail Enforcement has put this whole course together for home study training so that the student can study at home and still receive a thorough education without missing work or traveling out of state.

Here is the good part; all of this training is available for a tuition price of $250.00. This includes your written exam fees, your certification papers issued by The American Institute of Bail and the State of Colorado.


Simply Scroll Down and purchase the Home Study Course of your interest, both the Bail Bond Agent Class and the Bounty Hunter Training Class are available for home study.

Within one week of enrollment, you will receive a complete video tape set or DVD recording of the Bail Enforcement classroom instruction as it was recorded “Live” in Denver Colorado, a study manual for your written class work and exam.

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