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Bounty Hunter Training - School Background

The school was founded in 1998 after a Law was passed in Colorado that made it mandatory that anyone employed or contracted to perform Bail Enforcement work had to be State Certified. The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement is located in Denver, Colorado.

The lead Instructor and Director of American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement, Brett Almy, made a promise that this school would Lead The Way in Bail Enforcement Education. After devoting 15 years of his life to Law Enforcement, Director Almy decided to invest his Knowledge and Law Enforcement Training to the Bail Industry. After researching the Bail Enforcement Industry for several years, Director Almy found that their was very few places that taught Bail Enforcement Education and none of the schools were State Certified.

The schools curriculum focuses on the skills and techniques developed from Director Almy’s experience as a Law Enforcement Officer, Crime Scene Technician and Fugitive Recovery Agent.

All Instructors are Ex-Law Enforcement Officers and currently active experienced Bail Enforcement Agents.Class instruction will include; The history of Bail Bonding and Enforcement, Legal and Liability Issues, Investigative Techniques, Officer Safety and Street Survival, Arrest Training, Handcuffing, Prisoner Transporting and more.

This Training is available as a Home Study Course or in our Classroom in Denver, Colorado.The Training is fast paced and thorough. Upon graduation from the American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement, the Graduates will be prepared for actual on the Job Experience. If you are Seriously interested in an Exciting, Challenging and Financially rewarding career as a Bail Enforcement Agent, then Click Here to order this State Certified Class NOW!

School Courses are Approved and Registered by the State of Colorado, the Colorado Division of Insurance

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